PILECAP Installs 36 Perma Pile Jackets for the Pier in Seattle, Washington

PILECAP supplied Louis Dreyfus Commodities with 36 Perma Pile jackets for their pier in Seattle, WA. PILECAP’s Perma Pile System is designed for corrosion protection and has been proven to be the best preventative maintenance on the market for longevity of marine piles. Louis Dreyfus chose to partner with Pilecap, utilizing their Perma Pile System, to not only protect their pile against future corrosion and provide a stronger pier structure but also to assist the environment. Lessening the amount of corrosion the pile have leads to less repairs in the future which is safer for the environment by way that marine life is not continually being knocked off the corroded pile into the water and disrupting the marine environment. PILECAP’s Systems are a smart choice in both aspects of structure and environmental safety.


Louis Dreyfus Commodities contracted the install of the PILECAP Perma Pile Systems with the professionals at Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., out of Seattle, WA. PILECAP provided an on-site technician to assist Global Diving & Salvage, Inc. with the proper installation of the Perma Pile System and to ensure the highest quality of work.


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Panama PilecapAnother International Success for PILECAP!

PILECAP is proud to announce the successful completion of our project in Panama! PILECAP supplied structural jackets for Chevron of Colon, Panama. Our structural steel system was chosen by Coastal Harbor Engineering to provide structural integrity and longevity for this project.


PILECAP has systems for the structural and corrosion repair for not only steel piling but also concrete pile, H-pile and timber pile. We offer all of our systems for purchase for your installation or we can offer a turnkey project. PILECAP would love to discuss your piling repair questions.


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Announcing PILECOAT System Research Findings

Durability, versatility, ease of application, and longevity are sought-after qualities when repairing or improving a marine facility. Successfully meeting these characteristics, PILECAP, Inc. has developed the proprietary formulation: the PILECOAT System.


The PILECOAT System is a marine adapted, polyurea spray elastomer coating, designed specifically for use on concrete, steel and timber surfaces, protecting them from the harshest of marine and industrial environments. While PILECOAT is relatively new to the marine industry with respect to antiquated polyurethane and epoxy type coatings, this cost effective method of corrosion mitigation is second to none, providing properly prepared substrates with 75(+) years of serviceability.


Developed in 1986, and first applied in 1988, this type of polyurea spray elastomer coating has only 20 years of “true life” application and testing. However, the following data and information based on accelerated testing methods suggests long-term performance of aromatic and aliphatic coatings.


:: Read Pilecoat System Research Findings


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Alabama Hires Pilecap for 62 Pile Repair

PILECAP put together a turnkey concrete structural repair system for a local Alabama contractor to repair 62 piles at the Port of Alabama. The repair jackets ranged from 7”4” to 28’4”in length made out of 1/2” steel and coated with our PILECOAT system. The PILECAP repair system was one of two repair options approved by The Port of Alabama. Our concrete pile system was chosen because we were able provide the strongest structural repair for application on concrete piles, regardless of the size or shape. We also were able to provide a technician with over 8 years of experience working with the PILECAP system to ensure the highest quality of repairs.




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