Concrete Pile Repair System

The PILECAP System is a 100% structural jacket that provides a cost effective alternative to driving new piles. The PILECAP System can also be injected with grout or epoxy to fill voids and damaged areas. The existing steel, reinforcing mesh, or rebar rods remain internal and require minimal preparation and thus less time and hardware for installation.


Timber Pile Repair System

Pile RepairThe new pressure treated timber used in conjunction with our PILECOAT System, gives the new timber 100% resiliency to environmental threats such as hydraulic pumping from current and waves, debris, and the growth of marine life.


Steel Pile Repair System

The PILECAP Steel Pile Repair System adds less weight to the piling and surpasses conventional repair methods with respect to longevity and durability in comparison to older, outdated piling repair methods. The patented PILECAP Friction Coupler System is the only system able to fully restore the structural integrity of an existing pile.


H-Pile Repair System

When transferring the load to the structural jacket, this system fully restores the load bearing integrity of an existing pile. In doing so, PILECAP’s H-Pile System proves to be a cost effective alternative to driving a new pile.


Perma-Pile System

Each PERMA-PILE System jacket is coated with PILECAP’s proprietary PILECOAT spray which provides longevity to the life span of the steel while the steel jacket provides protection of the petrolatum tape from extreme splash zone conditions.


Federal Highway Administration Bridge and Structures

• Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual (BIRM) (DOWNLOAD PDF)
• Underwater Bridge Inspection Manual (DOWNLOAD PDF)
• Underwater Bridge Repair, Bridge Rehabilitation and Countermeasures Manual (DOWNLOAD PDF)


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