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PILECAP, Inc. offers the only proven, structural repair for all piling types. We developed and patented the process by which a damaged piling, either concrete, wood, steel or H-pile can be restored to its intended structural integrity; whereas under normal circumstances the pile would need to be entirely removed and a new pile driven.

PILECAP, Inc.revolutionized the marine industry with the development of the world’s first completely Automated Pile Cleaning System. This patented system is capable of cleaning 100% of a pile above and below the water line and is more efficient than traditional methods utilizing divers.

Commercial and private structures such as piers, docks, and bridges, rely on the incredible strength of their substructure. PILECAP addresses the constant threat of corrosion and erosion through the Perma-Pile System, which combines the patented Friction Coupler System with our proprietary PILECOAT for the longest life expectancy in the marine industry today. These Systems have been tested and proven in the field and by the manufacturer to withstand the harshest of marine environments.

Contact PILECAP for consultation and information on our Steel Piling Systems, H-Pile Systems, Concrete Systems and Timber/Wood Systems; all of which provide structural corrosion and erosion solutions.


In 1975, Don Doleshal, inventor and developer of the PILECAP Systems, founded an underwater marine contracting company that specializes in the inspection and repair of pipeline throughout the United States.

Over the years, Mr. Doleshal was continuously approached by his clients to undertake the challenges associated with corrosion prevention and piling repair. Doleshal's tenacious approach resulted in various patented procedures that became the foundation upon which PILECAP, Inc. was established.

In 1993, Doleshal founded PILECAP, Inc. and today the fruits of his labor have resulted in the world's leader in underwater pile repair technology. Over the past two decades PILECAP, Inc.has made many successful advancement within the marine industry. The patented PILECAP Systems provide repairs from simple corrosion protection to the capability of completely reloading a damaged pile back to 100% structural, load-bearing integrity. All PILECAP Systems are designed with the client's individual needs in mind with many applications requiring no downtime or interruption to the normal business activity.

PILECAP, Inc.is able to service clients all over the world with individual systems and complete turn-key installations.

For questions or a consultation please contact PILECAP, Inc. at (913) 948-8340.

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