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Repair vs. Replace

Save the investment on replacement. Our pile repair products deliver 100% structural integrity and can be installed in a fraction of the time.

100% Structural Integrity

PILECAP, Inc. offers the strongest structural repair in the marine industry for application on all piling platforms regardless of size or shape.

Patented Pilecap Jackets

The structural jacket becomes a permanent form for strength and durability; bearing the pile's load, eliminating corrosion and preventing further damage.

Corrosion Protection


Over the years of on-site research and development, along with the most up-to-date technology, PILECAP, Inc. has developed and patented systems for repairing damaged, corroded, and severed pilings of all types and sizes. Because each repair is unique, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions to best determine which PILECAP System is best suited for your needs.

Pile Cleaning Systems

PILECAP, Inc.'s patented Automated Cleaning System is unparalleled to all other pile cleaning methods. It provides a strategically effective alternative to other methods in a fraction of the time.

Corrosion Protection

Our PERMA-PILE System jacket coated with our proprietary PILECOAT spray provides longevity to the steel, while the jacket provides protection of the petrolatum tape from extreme conditions.

Pilecoat Systems

PILECOAT mitigates the continuous challenge of corrosion and deterioration to piling and various structures, in the splash zone, above and below the waterline, at docks, piers and bridges.

Featured Systems

remove barnacles from pilings

Concrete Pile Repair

PILECAP, Inc. offers the strongest structural repair in the marine industry for application on concrete piles, regardless of the size or shape. The PILECAP System can also be injected with grout or epoxy to fill voids and damaged areas. The existing steel, reinforcing mesh, or rebar rods remain internal and require minimal preparation and thus less time and hardware for installation.


Dock Piling Repair

Steel Pile Repair

The structural jacket becomes a permanent form for strength and durability by bearing the pile's intended load while eliminating corrosion and preventing further damage to the pile. When transferring the load across the structural jacket this system fully restores the load bearing integrity of an existing pile, thus providing a cost effective alternative to driving a new pile.


Dock Piling Repair and Protection

Wood Pile Repair

The PILECAP Timber System utilizes our innovative technology to remove a portion of the damaged or deteriorated wood piling and installs a new section of piling without adding additional weight or causing further stress to the pile. With the patented PILECAP coupling system the piling can be repaired and reloaded to original specifications and permanently fastened to existing sub-structure bringing the piling back to 100% integrity.


Receive a Project Estimate

The professionals at PILECAP are standing by and ready to answer any questions you have about pile repair or cleaning. Simply tell us more about your project in this short form and we will provide a free project consultation and estimates for service.

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